Monday 25th of March 2019 08:02:29 PM  Agra

Govt working on to improve the health of the Banking Sector

New Delhi-Indian Govt has taken note of Standard & Poors Global Ratings, a prominent global rating agency, which states, inter-alia, that the worst is almost over for Indias banks. It further states that India is at the tail-end of its bad-loan recognition problem as a stringent non-performing loan recognition coupled with tighter yet faster resolution under Indias new bankruptcy law and rebounding corporate profits, will help banks gradually recover from a protracted bad-debt cycle and the Governments ongoing recapitalisation programme of Rs 2.1 lakh crore will help shore up depleted capital positions of the banks. It also states that the Government is working on a four-pronged strategy to improve the health of the banking sector: recognition, resolution, recapitalisation and reform (4Rs), and that their stable outlook on the banks reflect their view that the 4Rs and other initiatives taken by the Government and RBI will strengthen the banking system over the next couple of years.

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