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No Radioactive Leak at Delhi IGI airport
New Delhi-The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board assured that there was no radioactive substance leak at Delhi Airport which led to panic at the IGI airport early on Friday morning.The agency added that organic liquid from another consignment had spilled over the cargo carried by Turkish airlines.Earlier in the day..

Delhi Govt and LG tussle reaches High Court
Delhi HC said in a judgement that power to appoint bureaucrats stays with the LG and sends notice to the Centre and seeks reply within 6 weeks.The tussle between the Delhi government and the LG was in courts.Delhi High Court said the LG has the authority regarding the appointment of bureaucrats.It also..

Two woman of Indian-origin among richest self-made American women: Forbes
Two woman of Indian-origin find place in Forbes' inaugural list of America's 50 richest self made women. India-born Neerja Sethi, with a net worth of 1.1billion US Dollar, ranked 14th while London born Jayshree Ullal with 470 million US Dollar net worth comes at the 30th spot on the list. Sethi, co...

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