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Foreign direct investment doubled to $2.16 bn
New Delhi-FDI in India almost doubled to 2.16 billion dollars in December 2014, compared to 1.10 billion dollars in the same month of 2013. The data by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion showed that during the April-December period of current fiscal, FDI rose by 27 per cent to 21.04 billion dollars as against 16.56 bill..

Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal advised for treatment by his doctors
Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal is not well and has reportedly been advised for treatment by his doctors for high blood sugar and coughing, Party sources have said, adding that the CM is likely to take 10 days leave from March 5, Thursday and fly to Bengaluru for treatment.Mr Kejriwal could skip an important meeting of his AAP, amid speculation that its national..

Maharashtra state has extended ban on killing cows to bulls
Maharashtra Govt has extended a ban on killing cows to bulls and bullocks, a state govt source said. President Pranab Mukherjee give his assent to the long-pending Maharashtra Animal Preservation Bill, making it a law and drawing cheers from the state government led by BJP. Killing cows, revered by the majority Hindu population, is..

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