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35 bn USD from Japan for infra projects in India
Japan will provide 35 bn USD to India over the next five years for developmental projects, including building of smart cities and next generation infrastructure as also cleaning of the Ganga, as Premier Shinzo Abe pledged to partner PM Narendra Modi's ambitious vision of inclusive development.The two sides also signed five pacts covering defence exchanges, cooperation in clean energy, roads and highways, healthcare..

Sharif said he will neither resign nor go on leave
PM of Pakistan N.Sharif said he will neither resign nor go on leave, even as anti-government protesters led by Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri continue to mount pressure on him to step down.Nawaz said he would not allow to set a precedent under which a few people make hostage mandate of millions of people. "We have rule of Constitution here and we will not allow any one to abrogate it," Nawaz said...

India ranked among top three medical tourism destinations of Asia
New Delhi- India is among the top three medical tourism destinations in Asia.This is mainly due to the low cost of treatment, quality health care infrastructure and availability of highly-skilled doctors.According report titled Medical Value Travel in India pointed out that Asian countries have introduced various marketing strategies to attract medical tourists.India is also known for its alternative treatment options..

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